Assorted paintings


1999 – 2014

Above is a brief collection of artworks amassed over the years using oil and string. The subject matter varies from piece to piece, however, they are mostly based on mythological tales.

My process involves sketching directly onto the canvas and stitching most of the line work with string using a sailors needle. A sailors needle has a blade on the tip for extra strength as the canvas needs to be fairly thick and durable. Once stitched the canvas is then stretched over a canvas frame, primed and painted with oils. The line work is painted black which gives the piece a three dimensional quality under the correct lighting.

1.  Self Portrait as Echo – Echo and Narcissus (a Greek tale of unrequited love)
2.  Ellen Amos (Tori Amos) as Daphne – Apollo and Daphne
3.  Sydney Boutique Accommodation – Custom artwork for real estate business
4.  Saraswati and her Mother – Balinesian mother and child (Series of 2)
5.  Tishtrya – Layers of a Persian Carpet (Series of 3)