1. Research

    The research phase involves a face to face discussion about the project and necessary requirements. We ask questions in regards to business goals and plans, learn about your industry and business competitors in order to develop an effective design strategy.

  2. Brief Development

    An actionable plan is then produced and agreed upon, defining the budget, timeline, responsibilities and deliverables.

  3. Concept Development

    During concept development, we conduct a visual audit of required elements through the production of mood boards, mind-maps, sketching and experimentation. Ideas are then presented to the client for approval.

  4. Design Execution

    Once the chosen concept in place, the design is then refined to completion with a high level of execution and careful attention to detail.

  5. Launch and test

    The final work is tweaked in relation to user testing, quality assurance, and reviews. Once complete, the project is deployed in a live production environment.

  6. Manage & Grow

    Once launched, we monitor the results and develop strategies for future enhancement where possible.