Unconventional Journal

Unconventional Journal


Sometimes the grid needs to go

I prefer using my ipad to go old-skool the digital way, with a funky little app called notebook... Did I mention it was free.

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It’s no secret that I love my iPad. But most people don’t use it to its full capacity. I have been keeping a scrapbook/journal on mine for the past two years. When you spend every day making sure things align perfectly to spec, it can be refreshing to throw the damn grid out the window and pretend we are back in school replete with scissors/glue/different coloured pens and highlighters. The thing is, when I feel inspired, I am unlikely to have stacks of magazines/cutting tools/paste with me ready to go. Carrying all that gear around is likely to give you a bad back plus, the idea of cutting up my design mags feels like sacrilege… and don’t even start on the post-creative sesh clean up. I therefore prefer using my iPad going old-skool the digital way with a funky little app called notebook (and it’s free).

I have a basic stylus to annotate web clippings. If I want editable text, I just use the text box tool. I feel like I can make a real mess without actually making any mess at all and I can do it all whilst sipping a latte at the local coffee shop. Using a stylus with an iPad can be a little challenging at first, but the more you use it the more natural it begins to feel. Notebook is a great little app for freeform journaling too. I will often write a one page letter, export as a jpg and email it to a friend. It always feels just a little bit more heartfelt than your usual stock standard email.

Developing a style

Developing a style




As a musician I have a vision for my sound that is clear and concise and in every way presents me as an artist…  When It comes to graphics and design, I merely dabble.  I kind of know what I’m doing but fall short when it comes to getting that true representation of me as brand.  Jo @ Membery Design  was able to collect my thoughts, extract my ideas & capture my style to then create a branding that not only meshes perfectly with my music but stands on its own as a magnetic piece of art.